thank you

In addition to our extraordinary makers, we have worked with supportive, insightful, and talented individuals who have helped us bring 1630 from an idea to a movement in Boston.

We’d like to thank:
Polly Becker, Jo Ann Blatner, Alberta Chu, Austin Cox, Kent Dayton, Robyn Duffy, Howard Elkus, John Goll, Adam Grant, Pier Gustafson, Luke Hatfield, Chris Himmel, Kevin Hoskins, Lisa Hughes, Julia Jensen, Marni Katz, Kristen Keefe, Jackie Lake, Barry Lustig, Kimber Lynch, Alexandra Metral, Honah Lee Milne, Paul Niski, Joey Petrillo, Philip Saul, Katie Scallon, John Schachter, Britton Stipetic, Michael Tavilla, Doug Weathersby, David Wisholek